Monday, February 11, 2008

Altered Visions

My life seems to be defined by the simple word "serendipity" or just plain "dumb luck". Sometimes the luck is good and sometimes it isn't but I guess everyone's life is like that. This blogspot has come about by two random conversations and a podcast colliding in my head. The first from a simple question that my boyfriend asked me the other day. We were sitting at the counter in a retro diner and he saw something on the TV about a "blog". He isn't into computers so he casually asked what they were. I know there are many who would ask how someone could not know what a blog is but he doesn't spend his time on computers so it was an innocent question. I explained the principle of web-logs and thought nothing more about it.

The second conversation has been a recent on-going email exchange between a long-lost, forgotten friend and myself. He had contacted me out of the blue a few weeks ago. He had known me when I was so young that I didn't even recall who he was. We have been chatting and I've learned that he and his wife are both fine artists that support themselves through the sale and teaching of their art. This concept fascinated me because I remember being discouraged as a child to pursue fine art as a career and here I was talking to people who make a living practicing their craft.

The third random event came about from finding a podcast called The Accidental Creative. It was inspiring to hear how a creative life could be lived. I was moved to do something about my life.

Perhaps I should say a little about myself here. I am already a creative person. I make a living as a graphic designer in a small PR/marketing agency. I am miserable there. It is not a nice story but I have allowed myself to remain in a situation where I am mistreated.

So with this endless drudgery of non-creative work I had become stagnant. My only creative outlet was to do scrapbook pages at home. This is a sad statement when my career is a creative person but my most creative outlet was my hobby. It has only been a week since I started flexing my creative wings again. I'm drawing and painting and trying mixed media techniques. And it has been since yesterday that I started thinking about building a blog to track my flight back to creativity.

So this is the beginning of my creative recovery towards that vision I once had. Because I am not the same person I was when I first had this vision, I have decided that it is an Altered Vision that I seek. So here starts that journey with thanks to Johnnie, Bobby and Todd, without whom this creative collision would have never happened.


tikig0rama said...

I would love to see more of your work! Please post! Got your blog link thru the e-zine post... nice colorful stuff!... Where have u been?

Serendipity Girl said...

Thank you. I guess my Auspicious Time posting today would answer your question about where I have been. Floating, experiencing, a bit of worrying, creating and just having an amazing ride on this Life Journey.